What are we?

Conex stands for Conceptual Exploration and is an online designathon series, started in April 2020. The goal is to produce mission proposals for different space related topics.

We operate four specialised teams, working together to research and design missions:

CAD Team

  • Spacecraft design
  • Instrument placement
  • Shielding temperature, asteroids, radiation
  • Laws of mechanics

Electronics Team

  • Payload, instruments
  • Data handling and communications
  • Propulsion systems
  • Power generation

Science Team

  • Mission statement and science goals
  • Planetary science
  • Astrophysics, astrodynamics, astronomy
  • Orbit design

Management Team

  • Mission profile and timeline of travel
  • Launch / launch vehicles / deployment
  • Cost and risks
  • Sponsoring and funding

Who are we?

Just some of our members...

Christina Bornberg

UAS Technikum Wien

Electronics and computer science student, who enjoys computer vision and organizer of the designathons.

James McKevitt

Loughborough University

Space physics researcher, principal investigator for the ASTrAEUS spacecraft, RAEng Engineering Leaders Scholar, FRAS

Shayne Beegadhur

Loughborough University

I am an Aeronautical Engineering student passionate about working to create a sustainable future for humans in space.

Jack Kent

Loughborough University

Computer Science & AI undergraduate, interested in practical applications of machine learning.

A.M.Mewni Lasanya Alahakoon

NSBM Green University Town

Computer Security Undergraduate of NSBM Green University affiliated with University of Plymouth

Jaspreet Singh

Indian Institute of Science

I am a Creative Vehicle Designer. I have studied Product Design and Mechanical Engineering.

Thomas McDougall

Loughborough University

Mechanical engineering student and designer.