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Please read the frequently asked questions before completing the application form below.

What is Conex all about?

Conex is a non-profit research group consisting of young professionals and students from all over the world. We are focused on showcasing futuristic mission concepts and proving their technical feasibility, whilst also upskilling those participating in the mission design.

How did Conex start?

Conex was founded during the first COVID-19 lockdown as an international platform for scientific and engineering collaboration between like-minded individuals interested in open-source and open-access mission design.

When do we meet?

Our main meetings are on Fridays at 6pm CET. Our individual teams also schedule additional meetings throughout the week.

How much time do I need to commit every week?

Conex is really flexible, and while we strongly encourage attendance at the main meetings so you keep in touch with the team, we know everyone has other commitments. Therefore, an hour or two a week is common, but some people spend much more time on Conex - there’s lots to get involved with!

Where do we meet?

We host our meetings on Discord, which you can use through your web browser if you like. This helps us make Conex as accessible as possible.

Will I be paid?

Conex is a completely voluntary non-profit organisation, and in this way similar to a research group. We all work on these mission concepts because of our passion for space, and this means you’ll meet lots of other people who are as interested in space as you.

How do I contact Conex?

If you are interested in joining us, please complete the form below and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. Please remember we get lots of applications! If you have questions about one of our projects, please email [email protected]. For press, media and licensing requests, email [email protected].

Can I do my Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis with you?

We have had people complete thesis about specific aspects of our mission in the past, and would welcome your application to our team to discuss any ideas you have. Please make sure to mention this in your application.

Do you go to space?

Whilst our mission concepts are based amongst the stars, our members are rooted firmly on the ground.

Are there any requirements to join the team?

A willingness to learn, an ability to work within a team, and an enthusiasm for space are important to join Conex. For legal reasons, we also have a minimum age limit of 18 years old. This is all!

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