Our Partners

Driving our missions forward

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman are a leading aerospace company, with a wide variety of projects and expertise reaching across every sector of space, from private industry to government missions. More recently, they were a key partner with NASA in ensuring the success of the James Webb Space Telescope.


Sydereal Space

Sydereal is a leading provider of operations technology. They assist in enabling organisations to deploy assets into space through consulting on how to successfully excecute spaceflight operations. The company has a global presence, with customers across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions.


Sparx Systems

Sparx Systems are the creators of Enterprise Architect, pioneering systems engineering software designed to help individuals, groups and large organizations model and manage complex information



Tukom works hand in hand with expert international partners to offer deep market knowledge on space communications, telemetry, and more. Their team offer industry leading commitment and passion to their client projects, helping them achieve their strategic goals in space.



Innoslate offers a single solution to support the entire systems engineering discipline. Their unique suite of tools allows all our team to collaborate in model based systems engineering, as well as requirements engineering and analysis.



Jundroo is a games development studio behind excellent simulation games including SimplePlanes, and our personal favourite SimpleRockets! This allows us to produce fun and engaging models to share with the public.



Patchion are our partners in manufacturing the amazing Conex and Arcanum embroidered patches. These have travelled the world with us, and stand as a unique and memorable gift to offer those we meet.


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