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NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

The numerical modelling required to ensure our mission concepts are feasible and robust means we need to use the best data. NASA currently distributes the most accurate models of planetary atmospheres in the Solar System, and they have provided access to our team so that we can make sure missions such as Astraeus and Arcanum would perform as we expect once they reach their destinations.

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Northrop Grumman

Conex Research has contributed to the discussion of next-generation space infrastructure through our Arcanum mission, which has pushed the limits of the mass which can be transported to the outer Solar System. Northrop Grumman, alongside the International Astronautical Federation, recognised this work through a Space Infrastructure Award and provided funding to support further research into the concept.

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Sydereal Space

There are lots of things which need to go right to make sure a realistic mission proposal gets produced. We design all aspects of a mission proposal, perfectly capturing the flowdown of science requirements to enabling instrumentation and mission architecture. The guidance and mentorship of Sydereal Space has been essential in developing the award-winning mission design process we use.

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Sparx Systems

Clearly communicating complex mission architectures, both within our large distributed team and to the space science and engineering community, requires clear and digestible messaging and diagrams. Model-based systems engineering is one highly effective method to accomplish this, and Enterprise Architect offers one of the best MBSE tools available. Sparx Systems provide us with licences for this, which allow us to make our mission architecture clear.

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Accurately calculating the trajectory of interplanetary spacecraft is one of the key drivers of space mission engineering, and the delta-V our spacecraft will need to get to their science goals is strongly coupled to the size of the science instrumentation we can take. Ansys STK and Astrogator are among the best tools in the industry to plot these trajectories, transfer times, and spacecraft delta-V, and our astrodynamics teams use these tools through licences provided by Tukom.

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Model-based Systems Engineering is critical in communicating system and mission architectures. One MBSE solution, which is cloud-based and ideal for collaborative working amongst a distributed team, is Innoslate. Innoslate provides Conex Research with licences which means we can coordinate our international work, and ensure the most efficient interfacing of information between teams.

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One of the best parts of space science and engineering is outreach, and it's important to have fun and engaging material in order to do this. Jundroo is a games development studio behind simulation games and through their sponsorship, we use SimpleRockets to help explain the basics of space missions to a wider audience.

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Conex Research is identifiable through its distinctive seal, and the Arcanum and Astraeus missions are no different. Patchion is our patch sponsor, and produces our embroidered patches which travel around the world with us to conferences, into classrooms, and which are proudly displayed by Conex’s members.


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