Our Team

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James McKevitt James McKevitt
Co-Executive Director
Christina Bornberg Christina Bornberg
Co-Executive Director
Jack Kent Jack Kent
Operations Director
Tom Dixon Tom Dixon
Lead Designer & Director
Shayne Beegadhur Shayne Beegadhur
Aerospace Lead & Director
Sophie Bulla Sophie Bulla
Systems Engineering Lead
Jonathan Parkinson-Swift Jonathan Parkinson-Swift
Science Co-Lead
Alisa Zaripova Alisa Zaripova
Science & Media
Ramansh Sharma Ramansh Sharma
Digital Systems
Louis Ayin-Walsh Louis Ayin-Walsh
Mechanical Systems
Fathma Bintay Islam Fathma Bintay Islam
Mechanical Systems
José Esteban Andino José Esteban Andino
Jesus Galinzoga Jesus Galinzoga
Digital Systems
Aryan Laad Aryan Laad
CAD & Visualisation
Jaidyn Spoon Jaidyn Spoon
Ben Wadsworth Ben Wadsworth
Digital Systems
Dhrumil Patadia Dhrumil Patadia
Mechanical Systems
Andrew Lash Andrew Lash
Mechanical Systems
Franco Ciscola Franco Ciscola
Mechanical Systems
Jack Terry Jack Terry
Diana Aponte Diana Aponte
Social Media
Kuren Patel Kuren Patel
Systems Engineering
Madalin Foghis Madalin Foghis
Business Development
James Morgan James Morgan
Mechanical Systems

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